Our Mission

Make it easier than ever to align your incentive
programs with your bottom line

incentX’s robust cloud-based incentive management software was designed to save you countless hours of calculations, motivate
higher sales performance, and help you build transparency and trust throughout your organization. And that’s just the beginning.

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Designing the Perfect Compensation Plan for Every Sales Scenario doesn’t have to be Complicated

Our error-proof, scalable software can calculate even the most complex commission structures. In just seconds, simulate a payout for any combination of commissions, rebates, royalty, billbacks, and chargebacks.


    • Straight-commissions
    • Split commissions
    • Territory-commissions
    • Multi-level-commissions
    • Commissions by item by
    • Customer
    • Revenue based commission
    • Sales based-commissions
    • Bonuses, rules & exclusions
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    • End-user rebates
    • Growth incentive rebates
    • Buying group rebates
    • Purchasing rebates
    • Purchasing incentives
    • Bonuses, rules & exclusions
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    • Physical product royalties
    • Digital products royalties
    • Tier based royalties
    • Growth based royalties
    • Bonuses, rules & exclusions
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Billbacks & Chargebacks

    • Billbacks & Chargebacks
    • Sales billbacks
    • Purchasing chargebacks
    • Pricing chargebacks
    • Bonuses, rules & exclusions
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There’s more to incentX than Calculating Commissions

Here are some ways we’re transforming businesses all over the world.

Create an Incentive Program that Works

Use critical insight into employee and customer behavior to design the most effective compensation plans, ever.

Get Error-Proof Accuracy, Every Time

View your incentive liability month by month and minimize post-sale liabilities (like returns, chargebacks, and late payments) so you never have to worry about incentive overpay and cash flow problems.

Help your Salespeople Save Time and Boost Productivity

With our intuitive dashboard and easy-to-use mobile app, salespeople can conveniently track and manage sales compensation on your mobile device, saving time and increasing productivity.

Use Real-Time Data to Improve Sales Practices

Track sales trends to determine how to pair relevant items for sale-or recommend additional products to buyers based on their previous purchases.

Report and Analyze your Data with Ease

Accurate sales compensation information empowers your sales team, increases trust between HR and sales, and gives financial controllers the insight they need to do their job.

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Take control of your sales commissions today!

Automate your sales compensation process in just a few clicks.

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Outstanding Reporting Capability

incentX gives your leadership teams access to exact financial information in real time.
Forget time-consuming manual processes and get the reports you need – now.

Custom Reports in Real-Time

Use incentX report templates or generate custom reports – the choice is yours. Both options only require a few clicks to deliver the information your team needs most.

Accurate Commissions

Track sales and commission programs and deliver complex incentive compensation plans with confidence and without commission errors.

Efficient Payments

Say goodbye to manual calculations for commission payments – incentX sales compensation software does the job for you. Accurate, on-time payments are now a reality.

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