Incentive Compensation Management Software

Easily Automate Every Reward
from Spiffs to Rebates

incentX puts you in control of incentives and keeps your salespeople happy.

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Build win-win incentive plans

Create incentive compensation management plans that align your sales reps’ goals with the goals of your company.

Increases Sales and Revenue

Boosts Sales Team's Morale

Reduces Time Designing Plans

Reclaims control of cash flow

Project sales commission payouts with perfect accuracy, every time.

Enhanced Financial Stability

Better Decision-Making

Improved Efficiencies

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Automatically calculate complex incentive compensation plans in just one click.

Easily Build Custom Reports

Gain Actionable Insights

Improve Transparency

Eliminate Accounting Inquiries

Easily Automate
Incentive Compensation

incentX helps compensation administrators by automating
commission calculations.


Get valuable insights, create effective and motivating compensation plans, and mitigate post-sale liabilities with ease.


Inspire better sales performance with real-time commission activation, calculation, and transparent reporting.


Track real-time profitability, sales, and cash flow, and align results with incentives in a user-friendly dashboard.

Take control of your sales commissions today!

Automate your sales compensation process in just a few clicks.

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Sales Commissions is only a fraction of what we do

incentX does so much more than commissions - designed for Sales-Side and Buy-Side functions alike; it's a solution for both sides of your coin.

Enterprise-level software for businesses in…


Tackle the complexities of coordinating between producers and back-office operators with ease.


incentX consolidates dealer management, special pricing, fleet incentives and warranty claims in one place.


Solutions designed to simplify pricing, rebate and channel programs alike.

Consumer Products

Stay competitive through real-time analytics for pricing scenarios, promotions, and trade efficiency.


Traditional disarrays of countless products, SKUs and customers, simplified.

High Tech

Protect your margins by closely monitoring program performance, sector trends, and changes.


End-to-end tools for everything from rights and royalties to accounting and collaboration.

Life Sciences

Innovative models that prove value through mitigated pricing pressures and compliance with fluid sector regulations.


Insight into SPAs, claim processes, rebate eligibility, channel inventory, and more.


Simplified processing of both linear and non-linear property rights, royalties, availabilities, and contract details.

Mill Products

Promote volume, predictability, and profitability with high-level analytical capabilities.


A rights and royalties solution fit to cater to the unique needs of music publishers, labels, and distributors.


incentX streamlines vendor agreements, pricing, sales, and customer loyalty to deliver tangible business value.


From sale to service, our tools offer an end-to-end solution for improving processes and reducing costs.

Wholesale Distribution

Stay ahead of supply chain disruptions, regulatory requirements, and risks to your bottom line.

Drive Growth

incentX sales compensation software gives you a comprehensive, intelligent support system for all your finance needs. You'll see the benefits ripple through your organization's entire sales strategy - and onto its bottom line.

Intuitive Incentive Compensation Management

Our compensation management software streamlines incentive compensation processes for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Automate complex calculations, track commissions in real time, and easily configure payouts all from one platform.

Powerful Automation Solutions

Increased Sales Performance

Use real-time, accurate commission information to increase transparency for sales teams. By having clear visibility into their potential earnings, reps are motivated to perform better.

Complex Compensation Made Easy

Put an end to your compensation administrators' headaches with the automation capabilities offered by incentX. Our powerful sales compensation plan software makes it easy to optimize even the most complex compensation plans.

Consolidated Financial Data

Forget spreadsheets and spending hours over compensation reports. incentX sales compensation software prepares accurate financial reports within seconds and minimizes calculation errors.

Streamlined HR Processes

Human Resources teams can stop worrying about complex formulas - incentX takes care of your admin work for you with simplified payroll administration processes for commissioned employees.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Stack

incentX seamlessly integrates with various powerful applications, providing our customers with access to comprehensive data and empowering them to gain accurate insights into their incentive programs. By harnessing the full potential of these integrations, incentX enables users to have a complete and precise understanding of their incentives, leading to enhanced control, reduced errors, and more accurate forecasting.

Here are the key integrations that incentX offers

QuickBooks: Sync sales transaction data for precise compensation calculations and get reliable insights into your incentives to optimize programs.

Salesforce: Access detailed sales data to fine-tune compensation plans, empowering comp managers to make data-driven decisions for optimal results.

SAP B1 HANA: Streamline operations enabling users to exercise greater control, minimize errors, and make accurate forecasts for effective incentive management.

SAP ByDesign: Gain a comprehensive view of sales transaction data, letting teams make informed decisions, minimize errors, and optimize incentive programs.

SAP S4: Maximize the power of enterprise resource planning, tap into extensive sales transaction data, and achieve greater control over compensation programs.

Sage Intacct: Centralize sales transaction and compensation data for data-driven decision-making, reducing errors, and optimizing incentive strategies.

Sage 300: Consolidate and analyze sales transaction data from multiple sources, gaining accurate insights into incentives and achieving optimal results.

Oracle NetSuite: Gain a comprehensive overview of sales transactions and compensation data, make accurate forecasts, minimize errors, and optimize strategies.

Through these integrations, incentX equips customers with the tools to gather, analyze, and leverage vast amounts of data for their incentive management. The increased detail, accuracy, and control provided by these integrations enable users to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and forecast incentives with precision, ultimately driving performance and achieving their goals.

Benefits at a Glance

Effective Sales Compensation Plans

No matter how complex your incentive compensation plan is, incentX can unscramble its formulas to make sure all your reps get the right compensation in full and on time.

Real-Time Reporting

Every sales performance calculation, every compensation claim, report - all in real time. No more manual math and no more lags between payouts. incentX offers you the flexibility of choosing between out-of-the-box and custom overviews.

High-Level Analytical

Use our platforms advanced analytics capabilities to diagnose problems, gain insights into your sales strategy, and manage changes more effectively.

Enhanced Workflow Value

Don’t cut back on your compensation plans - streamline and automate their administration with incentX instead. Workflows can be adjusted on the fly for maximum value and efficiency.

Greater Transparency

Accurate sales compensation information empowers your sales team, increases trust between HR and sales, and gives financial controllers the insight they need to do their job.

Inspire Outstanding Sales Performance

Everyone can benefit from more sales. incentX promotes them by motivating and inspiring teams to perform at their best.

Unparalleled Insight

incentX sales compensation software gives sales managers all of the insights they need to maximize their teams' performance: who is on track to hit their targets, who is outperforming those targets, and who requires additional support.

Forecasted Data

Predict commissions for the entire quarter and access projections for the year. Let your sales reps see what it would take to reach the next level of incentive. It's an outstanding motivator.

Performance Management

Motivation - and increased revenue - comes naturally when sales reps can see how today's deals benefit them tomorrow. incentX gives you transparent sales commission information for effective performance management.

Why Admins Love Our Incentive Compensation Management Software

Compensation administrators have a notoriously hard job. incentX can put an end to their long days spent poring over spreadsheets while avoiding commission errors for good.

Faster Commission Payments

Reconciling numerous spreadsheets and manually tracking data is unnecessary. incentX sales commission software gives your compensation admin teams the tools they need to calculate commissions correctly in a fraction of the time.

Automation = Accuracy

Automation with incentX minimizes compensation errors and limits seller churn.

Compensation Workflows, Streamlined.

View, adjust, and administer your entire sales compensation workflow from one single dashboard. From initial data collection to commission statement distribution, incentX keeps everything in one place.

Eradicate Customer Attrition

Retaining customers beats having to acquire new clients. incentX gives you the tools you need to keep your customers happy through optimized sales operations.

Improved Customer Experience

incentX and its integrations give your team access to all the information they need to deliver the best possible customer experience. Your customers will feel the difference immediately.

Outstanding Reporting Capability

incentX gives your leadership teams access to exact financial information in real time.
Forget time-consuming manual processes and get the reports you need – now.

Custom Reports in Real-Time

Use incentX report templates or generate custom reports – the choice is yours. Both options only require a few clicks to deliver the information your team needs most.

Accurate Commissions

Track sales and commission programs and deliver complex incentive compensation plans with confidence and without commission errors.

Efficient Payments

Say goodbye to manual calculations for commission payments – incentX sales compensation software does the job for you. Accurate, on-time payments are now a reality.

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