Build and execute better incentive plans with our simple,
easy-to-use platform.

Design and calculate powerful incentive programs for any combination of commissions, rebates, royalties, billbacks & chargebacks-without the headache. Get set up in minutes.


Turn your sales force into a force to be reckoned with.

Stop bleeding money from compensation overpay, and start creating incentive plans
that boost your salespeople and your bottom line.

our feature-rich, cloud-based platform gives you all the tools you need to plan and manage your incentives program—including
commission planning, rebates, royalties, billbacks, and chargebacks. best of all, it integrates with your existing ERPs for a
seamless, end-to-end experience.


Build win-win incentive programs

Create incentives that align your sales reps’ goals with the goals of your company.


Reclaim control of your cash flow

Project commission payouts with perfect accuracy, every time.


Say goodbye to number crunching

Automatically calculate complex commission structures in just one click.

A powerful 4-in-1 solution.



  • Gain critical insight into employee and customer behavior.
  • Design creative compensation plans that are equally motivating and effective.
  • Adjust commissions to mitigate post-sale liabilities—like returns, chargebacks, and late payments—so you never have to worry about scrambling for cash at the end of the month.
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  • Activate your ideal compensation models in real time; our software takes care of the variable commission amount for you.
  • Decide exactly how you want commission amounts to change in each scenario, and incentX will calculate it flawlessly.
  • Show your salespeople exactly how much they’re earning in commissions in real time, motivating better sales performance.
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  • Nurture leads, onboard new customers, auto-generate invoices, and configure pricing quotes on the fly using ERP data using our free CRM add-on.
  • Track sales trends to determine how to pair relevant items for sale.
  • Recommend additional products to buyers based on their previous purchases.
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  • View your commission liability month by month on our beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Determine your profitability, sales, and cash flow goals based on real data—not flawed estimates.
  • See which incentives are working and which aren’t, what product mixes are most profitable, and how to best align incentives with results across your organization.
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The problem with most sales
performance management solutions.

  • They’re complicated to use—you’d need to hire an expert to set it up or change something.
  • They’re expensive—some can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, plus more in yearly implementation fees.
  • They’re not cloud-based—leaving you with slow functionality and lack of the real-time data crucial to optimizing sales performance.
  • They’re limited in features—most focus only on commissions, omitting other incentives like rebates, billbacks, chargebacks, and royalties.
  • They don’t integrate with your existing ERP and CRM—requiring you to waste hours manually importing information and bouncing between softwares.

incentX is different. Here’s how.

Elegant, affordable, and effortless to use, incentX saves time, streamlines your sales
performance management, and empowers your team to close more of the sales that matter.

design innovative

Design innovative incentive plans that excite your salespeople and boost your bottom line.

  • Incentive Management
  • Commission Tracking
  • Rebate Planning
  • Billback and Charge-Back Reporting
design innovative

Save hours of administrative time and headache

  • Plan, calculate, implement, and analyze your incentive plans in one platform.
  • Integrate with your existing ERPs in minutes, no data importing required.
  • Get tasks done fast with our beautiful, intuitive, simple-to-use interface.
  • Eliminate mistakes caused by human error.
design innovative

Make selling more fun and rewarding for your salespeople

  • Show reps their earnings in real time, motivating them to reach their goals.
  • Find new & innovative ways to incentivize growth based on the changing reality on the ground.
  • Increase employee happiness and reduce turnover.
design innovative

Take the guesswork out of incentives with real-time data and robust analytics

  • See which incentives are making you money and which are hurting your margins on one clear dashboard.
  • Fix cracks in the system that lead to premature or excessive payouts.
  • Track customer buying patterns to discover new sales opportunities and optimize profits.

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