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We help businesses of every size across different industries put their rebate programs in cruise control, saving you time and helping
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rebate management software - Flexible, Scalable, and Feature-Rich incentX is Designed For Your Unique Needs

Flexible, Scalable, and Feature-Rich incentX is Designed For Your Unique Needs

Tired of manually tracking every conversion in a spreadsheet? Wish there was a better way to track the ROI of your rebate payments? incentX is a results-driven rebate management software that allows you to automate your rebate management process, so you don't need to manually track everything on your own. No more confusing spreadsheets or manual calculations - we have you covered!

rebate management software - Engage Your Customers With Rebates Rather Than Steep Discounts

Engage Your Customers With Rebates Rather Than Steep Discounts

Rebate programs allow companies to provide customers with an incentive without heavily discounting products or services. So, you can position yourself as an industry expert without cheapening your brand.

rebate management software - Automate Your Processes To Get Time Back In Your Day to Focus on Other Tasks

Automate Your Processes To Get Time Back In Your Day to Focus on Other Tasks

If you're still manually tracking your rebate results - you're wasting time on tasks that could be automated and streamlined. With incentX's rebate management solution, you can automate your rebate programs, minimizing human error, ensuring accuracy, and scaling your business faster with customer rebates.


Use Custom Dashboard and Reporting Tools to Make Data-Driven Decisions

The incentX application offers a suite of tracking and reporting features you can always use to have a pulse on end-user rebates, Sales Rebates, Growth Incentive Rebates, Pass-Through Rebates, POD Rebates, purchasing incentives, and vendor rebates. This comprehensive reporting provides valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making and helps you optimize the effectiveness of your rebate programs.

Rebate Management Software That Integrates With Your Current Systems

incentX software is designed to accommodate your company's unique rebate program. You easily integrate it with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Customize and Personalize The Experience for Each Customer, Vendor, or Merchant you Work with

Whether you're calculating rebates as a percentage of purchases, as a percentage of sales, or as a dollar amount per unit - we're here to help. The incentX solution allows you to get as complex or creative as you want with your incentive programs, so you can customize your rebate deals to meet your customer's needs.

Flexible Rebate Management Software Lets You Get as Creative or Complex as You Want

The incentX rebate management software is designed with you in mind. Whether you have a complex setup or a creative rebate
program - incentX software can help you build successful growth rebate plans that align with your business objectives.

Boost Your Revenue With Growth Incentive Sales Rebates

The more customers purchase from you, the better the rebate. Our incentX software can automate growth incentive sales rebates to help drive more sales by new and existing customers and nurture long-term relationships.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value With Different Types of Purchasing Incentives

Leveraging rebates is an innovative way to increase customer lifetime value and enhance customer loyalty. With the incentX application, you can drive more sales by building a successful growth rebate program that appeals to new and existing customers.

Segment and Personalize The Experience For Different Customers

incentX allows users to add bonuses, rules, and exclusions, so you can create a custom experience for each different type of customer you serve. You can create a tiered rebate solution based on volume and dollar value breaks or customize the experience for different buying groups.

How incentX's Rebate Management Software Works

The incentX rebate management software provides a seamless and transformative approach to customer rebates. The easy-to-use and user-friendly interface ensures your team can send rebate agreements and incentives in seconds.

Customize Your Rebate Programs With Eligibility Requirements, Rules, and Exclusions

incentX is designed to accommodate the unique needs of your company's rebate program. You can set up custom rules and criteria for eligibility, creating a personalized process for your customers. You can use our rebate management solution to set up different types of rebates, such as volume-based, tiered, or time-sensitive discounts, or to manage multiple rebate programs for different products, partners, and regions.

Integrate incentX With Your Current Software

Easily integrate incentX rebate management software with your current tech stack. Our platform is compatible with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enabling seamless data synchronization and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Consolidating your data and processes helps maximize efficiency and ease of use, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition for your team.

Build Custom Dashboards and Reports Using Your Sales Data

The incentX platform automates complex calculations and considers factors such as order quantities, product categories, and customer tiers - so your team can take time back in their day to focus on other important tasks at hand. We calculate rebates automatically based on sales data and predefined rules, eliminating manual work and potential errors. This ensures that your rebate claims are processed accurately and efficiently.

Monitor and Analyze Program Performance in Real-Time

From the day you set up your rebate process with incentX, you'll get access to real-time reports and analytics, providing insights into the performance of your rebate programs and enabling informed decision-making.

With incentX management software, you'll get access to customizable dashboards and reporting tools, allowing you to track essential metrics like sales performance, rebate claims, and vendor rebates. Your team can leverage insights to improve your customer rebates and make meaningful changes to your strategy.

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About Sales Performance Management Solutions

Do I need sales performance management software?

If you have a commission or incentive-based sales process, you need sales performance management software. This software helps you automate mundane tasks, so you can focus on training your sales team, reaching your revenue goals, and scaling your business. With a sales performance management system you can trust, you can automate your sales planning and get time back on your day to focus on what's really important - your sales team and your customers.

With incentX, you'll have control over every aspect of your sales compensation plans. Our software supports straight commissions, territory commissions, commissions by item or customer, sales-based commissions, split commissions, multi-level commissions, and revenue-based commissions. We also offer bonuses, rules, and exclusions to give you the power to design a plan that works for your organization.

Every aspect of our sales performance management software can be customized for your company's needs. If you have any questions or concerns about your unique sales performance management strategy, contact our team! We're here to answer any questions you may have.
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