Together, We Can Transform the WayBusinesses
Design, Manage and Pay Incentives.

By partnering with incentX, you can earn commissions while helping your clients create and execute the
perfectincentive programs to increase sales and accelerate their growth.

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Who is a Good Fit?

ERP & CRM Implementation Companies

If you sell, Implement, ERP or CRM software solutions, or help them migrate data from old or outdated systems, you (and your clients) will love the power, simplicity, and usability of the incentX platform.

Sales Consultants and Coaches

You’re already giving your clients strategies and tools they need to sell better. Why not introduce them to an all-in-one platform where they can create and execute all their incentive programs in one place?

Business Advisors and Consultants

As someone who works with leadership teams, you know that the right systems make all the difference. Help your clients automate and streamline their sales performance management like never before with incentX

Program Benefits

    • Sales commissions for up to 24 months as an incentX partner.
    • Special access to incentX toolbox to help you manage referral leads.
    • Dedicated partner account manager.
    • Online Product Training and Software Certification.
    • Use of incentX Logos & Partner Badge.
    • Full access to call-in software support for you and your clients.
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Our Integrations

We integrate with your ERP for a truly seamless, hassle-free experience. You’ll never need to enter the same data twice. incentX syncs your data in just a few clicks—so you can get your incentive management platform up and running in minutes.

Check out our integrations below. Don’t see the one you need? We’re constantly adding more integrations. To make a request, Click Here.

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