SAP Business One HANA Service Layer

incentX can connect directly to your SAP B1 HANA server using Service Layer. incentX will sync all data automatically with minimal load on your server, and no other configuration or maintenance required on your part.

Step 1: Fiscal & Calculation Options

Configure your Data Start Date in Fiscal & Calculation Options so that incentX knows which transactions to load when it first syncs data from SAP B1.

Step 2: External System Configuration

SAP Business One HANA Service Layer

  • Server Timezone – The timezone of your SAP B1 server (SAP B1 stores datetimes in local server time, which incentX translates to UTC)
  • ERP URL– Enter the fully qualified URL or IP address with port number of your server (something like
    “” or “”)
  • ERP Database Name – The name of the company database, as displayed on your B1 Choose Company screen at login
  • ERP Database User Name – The username used to log in to B1
  • ERP Database Password – The password used to log in to B1
  • G/L Account Number – The G/L entry to use for creating A/P Invoice records in SAP B1. You do not have to enter this now, but you will not be able to sync A/P Invoices (for incentive payments) from incentX to SAP B1 until you enter it.
  • Transaction Data Update Frequency – How often you want transaction (invoice/order) data to sync with SAP B1. A smaller value will keep incentX more perfectly up-to-date but may generate some load on SAP B1, though the individual update cycles will finish more quickly
  • Master Data Update Frequency – How often you want master data (business partner/item) data to sync with SAP B1

After entering all the required fields, click Save. incentX will test the connection to your SAP B1 server. You may have to explicitly allow incentX’s server ( for production environments or for testing environments) access through your firewall.

incentX will automatically sync all data from SAP B1. It may take several hours to complete the sync if you have a large amount of data, depending mostly on your server speed. You may want to do the initial configuration at the end of the workday or on the weekend to minimize load on your server.

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