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An Easy-to-Use Vendor Chargeback Solution

Chargebacks, sales bill backs, and scan backs aren't easy to deal with. If you aren't staying ahead of these challenges, they can start to get in the way of your revenue goals and impact your bottom line. With incentX's solution, you can avoid these problems before they affect your profit.

Reduce Manual Errors and Save Time

Our easy-to-use automated chargeback system eliminates the need for manual calculations and data entry. incentX's software minimizes the risk of human error by utilizing advanced algorithms and data validation techniques to ensure accuracy in all chargeback calculations. By automating this process, you can reduce the time spent managing chargebacks, freeing up your team to focus on other tasks and ensure a smooth electronic data interchange with your retail partners.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Gain full visibility into your chargeback processes with incentX's easy-to-use data dashboard and customizable reporting features. Our intuitive interface allows you to track vendor chargebacks, retailer chargebacks, and other related transactions in real-time, giving you unparalleled insights into the performance of your supply chain.

Minimize Risks and Make Data-Driven Decisions

With customizable filters and reporting capabilities, you can quickly identify trends, spot potential issues, and make informed decisions to improve your operations and maintain vendor compliance.

Improve Your Vendor Relationships

incentX's software is designed to simplify communication with your vendors and create a collaborative environment that thrives on transparency. With a transparent and efficient supplier or manufacturer chargeback process, you can improve your relationships with your vendors, leading to better negotiation power and terms.

Increase Your Profit Margins

Fewer chargebacks, and better profit margins. With our vendor chargeback solution, you can optimize every aspect of your processes, leading to significant cost savings and improved profit margins. Our software automates calculations and streamlines workflows, helping you identify and address any discrepancies or inefficiencies quickly and effectively.

Stay Compliant and Ensure Financial Accuracy

With our software, you can stay compliant with all vendor compliance programs. Whether it's retail chargebacks for your retail customers or your shipping partner - you'll have complete access to all your sales and invoice data to ensure that claim eligibility is 100% accurate.

A Solution For Every Situation

incentX's vendor chargeback software is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of your business. Our flexible and scalable solution ensures that your organization can benefit from our expertise in chargeback management, regardless of your specific requirements.

Customize Your Approach For Different Vendors

Without software, you may feel inclined to create a "one size fits all solution" for supplier and manufacturer chargebacks. However, with our software, you can easily maintain, track, and settle different rates on the same products to all end-user accounts while processing end-user claims without errors.

Keep Track of Your Claim Activity

No more worrying about over-claims or claim eligibility. With our data dashboards and custom reporting, you'll always have full visibility of the claims management lifecycle with a complete audit trail.

Improve Your Sales Billback Process

If you aren't careful - ongoing sales bill backs can start to eat your profit margins. With our software, you can stay ahead of emerging trends and fine-tune your approach to reach your revenue goals.


The incentX Chargeback

Our user-friendly and easy-to-implement software is designed to improve workplace efficiency and keep you in control of your profit and goals. Our system easily integrates with your existing systems, so you can get set up in minutes.

Import Vendor and Transaction Data

Quickly and efficiently bring your existing vendor and transaction data into your system in minutes. Our software supports many file formats and seamlessly integrates with popular ERP and accounting systems for a smooth transition without interrupting your day-to-day operations. Once your data is imported, incentX automatically organizes and categorizes it, making it easy to access and manage your vendor information and transaction history.

Set up Rules and Calculations

Customize your experience to meet the needs of your business. Our flexible and customizable rule-based engine enables you to configure the chargeback calculations however you want. With an extensive library of pre-built rules and the ability to create custom rules and exclusions, you have complete control over how chargebacks are calculated and applied. This level of customization ensures that your chargeback process accurately reflects your specific agreements with vendors, leading to more accurate financial reporting and better overall compliance.

Monitor and Manage Chargebacks

The incentX intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your chargeback processes, giving you real-time insights and control. The dashboard displays key metrics, including the number of open chargebacks, pending approvals, and amounts due. You can also drill down into specific chargeback cases, view detailed transaction information, and manage all aspects of the vendor chargeback process, to avoid chargeback fines and penalties.

Analyze Trends and Optimize Your Strategy

We offer custom reporting and analytic tools to help empower you to make data-driven decisions throughout the workweek. With access to a wide range of customizable reports, you can identify trends, uncover discrepancies, and gain valuable insights into the overall performance of your chargeback management. Once you're set up with our supplier chargeback software, you can use the data to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to address any inefficiencies.

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This is software designed to help businesses track royalty payments, stay compliant, and automate their everyday processes. With this software, you can manage contracts, rights, and royalties in one place - streamlining productivity and efficiency.

Whether you're in retail, food service, manufacturing, or consumer goods - we're here to help. Our software is designed to be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need to track the royalties of a physical or digital product, we're here to help you maintain fiscal accuracy and eliminate the need for manual work.
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