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Simplify your approach to royalty management with
software you can customize to meet your company's needs.

Our royalty management system is designed to help businesses of every size and industry streamline their processes, stay ahead of data, and minimize mistakes. We take the hassle out of managing contracts, rights, and royalties - so you can get time back in your day to focus on other tasks.

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A Comprehensive Royalty Management Solution Designed For Every Industry and Business Size

With our solution, you can effortlessly track contracts, rules, and rights on your intellectual property. Whether it's a tiered-based, growth based, or a physical product - we have you covered.

Gain Fiscal Clarity With Custom Dashboards and Analytic Tools

Once you're set up with our royalty management software, you don't need to worry about confusing spreadsheets and manual calculations. We automate your processes, saving you time, reducing the risk of human error, and helping you keep track of your data and insights.

Track Your Net Sales, Payments, and Royalty Statements With Next-Level Reporting Features

Stay ahead of all of your royalty data with our next-level reporting features and dashboards. Our custom dashboards allow you to track your day-to-day royalty operations while enhancing transparency for both licensors and licensees.

Automate The Mundane Tasks of Your Workweek, So You Can Focus on the Bigger Picture

Take the hassle out of manual labor and automate your everyday royalty tasks, so you can focus on bigger-picture projects.

Stay Compliant and Manage Contracts With Property Management and Licensing Tools

incentX's royalty management software supports the effective management of intellectual property (IP) assets, including media and licensing agreements.

Fully Scalable and Customizable Solution Designed to Help You Grow Your Royalty Program

We're more than just another software. Our system is designed to grow your business and accommodate the unique needs of your royalty program. Once you are set up, you can effortlessly scale your royalty management system as your business grows.

The Only Royalty Management Solution You
Need to Stay Competitive

Whether you're in the music industry or the publishing industry, incentX's royalty management software is an ideal solution for you.

Avoid Penalties and Stay Compliant With Industry Regulations

Managing complicated contracts, licensing agreements, and compliance paperwork is never easy. With our software, you can stay ahead of industry regulations, helping you avoid penalties and ensuring a hassle-free royalty management experience.

Create an Innovative Royalty Plan With Your Own Rules, Exclusions, and Modified Calculations

Every royalty program is different. incentX's royalty management software can be customized to suit your unique needs and preferences, allowing you to tailor the software to your specific requirements with custom fields, modified calculations, and personalized dashboards.

Minimize Human Errors and Say Goodbye to Complicated Spreadsheets and Manual Contract Tracking

The more licensing contracts you get, the more complicated the accounting process can get. Our software provides total fiscal clarity on your royalty fees - so you'll always know what you’re owed and what you owe.

Real-Time Analytics, Data and Reporting To Help You Know What You're Owed and What You Owe

Never leave money on the table with a royalty management solution you can trust. Our solution will give you a clearer picture of your data, so you can make data-driven choices that impact your bottom line.

Use Custom Data Dashboards to Predict Future Revenue Growth

With all of your data in one place, you can easily track your performance and predict future growth - helping you make meaningful data-driven decisions every step of the way.

Enhance Your Royalty Program in Minutes

We take the hassle out of managing a royalty program, so you can focus on fine-tuning your strategy and building connections with your customers.

Integrate incentX With Your Existing Systems

incentX's royalty management software is compatible with most accounting software and CRMs, enabling you to consolidate your data in one place.

Adjust Your Royalty Agreements, Data, and Process to Meet Your Company's Needs

Customize your setup so you can start managing royalty agreements, licensing contracts, IP assets and other essential documents in a centralized location.

Use our Informed Reporting and Data Dashboards to Adjust Your Strategy and Find New Opportunities

Gain access to real-time calculations, reporting features, and automated processes, ensuring you always have access to accurate, up-to-date information.

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A Royalty Management Software Solution You Can Trust

Don't let outdated and manual processes hold you back – unlock the full potential of your
royalty management system with incentX.

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Frequently Asked

FAQs about Royalty Management Systems

What is royalty management software?

This is software designed to help businesses track royalty payments, stay compliant, and automate their everyday processes. With this software, you can manage contracts, rights, and royalties in one place - streamlining productivity and efficiency.

Whether you're in retail, food service, manufacturing, or consumer goods - we're here to help. Our software is designed to be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need to track the royalties of a physical or digital product, we're here to help you maintain fiscal accuracy and eliminate the need for manual work.
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