Fiscal & Calculation Options

Fiscal & Calculation Options

Figure 2.2.1 Fiscal Calculation Options for Quickbooks

Fiscal Year Start

Set the month of the year in which your company’s fiscal year starts.

Data Start Date

This sets the date from which transaction (Invoice and Order) data will be loaded from QuickBooks to incentX

You can set today’s date if you are not interested in using incentX to calculate past incentives.

Setting a Data Start Date further in the past will make the initial  data load take longer, depending on how much past data your system has.

Inactive Customer Month(s)

After this many months without orders, a customer will be considered inactive, and new customer bonuses will apply when they make a new order.

Include in Commission Calculation

Choose which amounts, if any, should be included by default when calculating commission contracts. You can override these options on a per-contract basis using rules & exclusions.

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