Signup Overview

Signup Overview

Signing up for an account is easy and simple.

You can either sign up for a trial account and then convert to a paid account once you feel comfortable with the solution or signup for a paid right away.

To sign for a trial account click Here, fill out the form with all your details and we will provision a fully functional account with no limits or restrictions.

Once your account is provisioned you will get a welcome, and account verification email.

To Sign up for a paid account click Here,

Choose the type of license or combination of licenses you need.

Choose expert setup if you want to leave the setup to us as you continue to run your business.

check out the section below for a brief explanation about the different license types.

Enterprise Suite

This license gives users full access to the incentX suite.

They can access all parts of incentX, and can receive compensation for their sales via commission contracts. this license is usually assigned to a sales manager or sales user.

Managers and reps very similar in functionality, however Sales Managers can manage other Sales Managers/Users.

You can also restrict via the roles assignment whether they can see their own data or see other users data as well.


CRM is limited license type for a user who can only access incentX’s CRM functionality.

this license is generally assigned to a Customer service representative.

They cannot receive commission.

Independent Sales Rep

This license type is for a sales person or independent sales rep aka manufacturers rep,  who does not work directly for your company, but are paid commission for selling your products.

They cannot access incentX, but they can receive commission contracts

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