incentX User Types

Each user type in incentX has permission to access different parts of the incentX system, and is intended to accomplish different functions:

  • Sales Managers/Sales Users are full users of the incentX suite. They can access all parts of incentX, and can receive compensation for their sales via commission contracts. They are very similar, but Sales Managers can manage other Sales Managers/Users.
  • CRM Users are limited user types who can only access incentX’s CRM functionality. They cannot receive commission.
  • External Referral Partners are not really users of incentX – they are for sales people who do not work directly for your company, but are paid commission for selling your products. They cannot access incentX, but they can receive commission contracts

You can only create as many users of each type as you have licenses. If a user is no longer needed, you can mark them as inactive and their license will become available again.

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