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We’re here to help you use incentX with quick. simple tips-starting with these few steps outlined here.

Sign up for an account

Sign up for a trial or paid Account  be sure to provide your mobile phone number during the signup process (we promise not to send you any marketing messages without your permission) since we use that for Authy to secure your account using Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA).

Setup Two-Factor Authentication

In order two log in to incentX, you’ll need to set up Two-Factor Authentication by either installing Authy on  your phone, tablet or desktop, – a email and SMS will be sent to you with a link to install Authy – or you can use a SMS for your Two-Factor Authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security in addition to your password just in case your password is compromised, so no one can access your account but you.

Connect incentX your ERP or CRM

Next, IncentX needs to connect to your ERP or CRM system to load your products, customer, and sales data into IncentX.

Some on-premise ERP systems will require you to download and install a small ERP utility to sync data between incentX and your on-premise systems.

The ERP Utility is available to download here.

Create users

Finally, create users and customize permissions to allow your employees to log in to IncentX and get to work!

Take a look here at the different user types and how to set them up

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