CRM User

CRM Users

CRM Users are a limited user type, and they cannot receive commission payments. This user type is intended for front-office workers who help existing customers place orders, but do not generate new sales for the company.

They can be incentX Admin users.

Configuring CRM Users

CRM User

Login Fields

  • Email – incentX login is always by email, so make sure the email address is correct! New users will receive notification you’ve created them an account, and can reset their own password if necessary
  • Mobile No. – the phone number of the user’s Authy account, usually their mobile number, including country code. Learn more about how incentX uses Authy for two-factor authentication
  • Password/Confirm Password – while incentX uses two-factor authentication for additional security, we recommend you use Generate Password to create a unique cryptographically secure password. DO NOT use the same password as for any other account.

Other Fields

  • Grant Admin Access – turns this user into an Admin who can access the Account Profile, User Management, and Application Settings menus
  • Remove Login Access – makes this user unable to login (for example a user who is no longer an employee, but needs to be able to receive commission payments until the end of the current settlement period)
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